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Until about 60 years ago rye had been the most important cereal in Central and Northern Europe, often referred to by our ancestors as “the grain“.


Winter Hybrid Rye is a vigorous and robust cereal crop and suits growing on more marginal soils where other cereals struggle.  This ability comes from good rooting and an enhanced ability to scavenge water and nutrients.

Hybrid Rye will fit into all arable rotations, but it is particularly suited to 2nd / 3rd cereal situations mostly because the crop does not suffer with take-all.  This is not to say it is a take-all break in a rotation as it is not. Hybrid Rye’s ability to scavenge nutrients also makes it perfect for this point in a rotation.

Hybrid Rye has been used for many years in the UK for specialist baking; we have also seen a considerable increase in the crops use for whole-crop, Biogas. We are now seeing other uses for this versatile crop such as feeding to livestock and distilling.

More in depth details on how to grow the crop can be found in the growth guide. 

Meet Our Hybrid Rye

SU Performer Board

SU Performer

An established Hybrid rye variety in the UK

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SU Karlsson

New for 2024, high yeilding Hybrid Rye

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SU Bendix

SU Bendix

Good grain quality, high protein means it is suited to grain situations, milling and feeding.

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SU Baresi

SU Baresi

New for 2022, a high yielding Hybrid Rye.

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SU Arvid

SU Arvid is best suited to whole crop uses.

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SU Perspectiv

2024 Seminar

Saaten Union’s hybrid rye program represents a cutting-edge approach to cereal breeding, leveraging the benefits of hybridisation to enhance yield, resilience, and quality in rye varieties. This innovative program integrates advanced breeding techniques with a deep understanding of genetics to develop hybrids that excel in diverse agricultural conditions. The accompanying video provides a fascinating insight into Saaten Union’s hybrid rye program, showcasing the dedication and expertise behind this transformative initiative in cereal agriculture. Viewers can gain valuable perspectives on the science and technology driving the development of superior rye varieties through this engaging video presentation.

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