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Saaten Union Uk are involved with both winter and spring barley through a variety of different channels. We run trials for ourselves and our partners. We also run official trials for AHDB and BSPB at our site in Cowlinge.

Elsoms Ackerman Barley (EAB) was formed in 2018 as a new barley breeding program, we are pleased to work with (EAB) we provide trials for EAB lines looking at different varieties as well as developing those varieties. We also carry out purity and multiplication work for EAB.

We also have access to a breeding program via Nordsaat who breed winter and spring barleys in Germany. We use our expertise in the UK to screen suitable varieties for the UK.

In barley we are looking for both feed and malting types. We are also starting to see particular traits like BYDV resistance coming into the program.  Our facilities at Cowlinge not only allow us to carry out small plot trials we can also grow larger areas for end use evaluation.

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Barley ears
Barley ears


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